The METARISE 2 PARIS was developed to help handball players jump higher.

Its colour combination is inspired by the energising hues of Paris "the city of lights".
The midsole of this shoe features a high-curved toe design and a plate with carbon reinforcement. These features help you prepare for higher and more powerful jumps.
The FF BLAST ECO Foam has been incorporated into the midsole to provide more rebound and cushioning. The result is energised jumps and softer landings.
Also the upper material was modified to provide better ankle support.

  • The MONO-SOCK construction provides more stability in the ankle and heel area and follows the natural movement of the foot.
  • Energy-Lock-System
    The responsive mesh fabric with energy return in combination with an inner insert ensures a secure hold of the foot during movement.
  • MONO-SOCK-Fit-System
    Ensures a sock-like fit and stabilises the ankle during jumps and lateral movements
  • RISETRUSS technology
    Stabilises the midfoot area before rotation and directs the horizontal force into the vertical for a more powerful jump
  • Carbon fibre reinforced plastic plate
    Ensures more even pressure distribution and generates greater vertical propulsion force
    Provides more rebound and cushioning. Contains approx. 24 % bio-based material


(Source Asics website)